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hiphulagirl (profile) wrote,
on 5-12-2004 at 11:37pm
I have to go home tomorrow so that we can go pretend to be a normal family with all the other pretending families at that damn reunion in Illinois. So basically I get to go see a bunch of cousins I've never met, and pretend that it's great that we're all from the same bloodline. yay.

Dad called to remind me to get the paperwork for my car so that I can get an air national guard tag, and so that he can screw me out of more money, since i'm going to have to get a Chatam county tag when I put that bitch in my name. After a brief arguement on why he didn't know why I came back to savannah... EVEN THOUGH I TOLD HIM... but he denied it. I called him an idiot and he hung up on me. 5 minutes later my mother calls me back to tell me not to call dad an idiot, I tell her, if he wasn't such an ASSHOLE I wouldn't have to. When I was little MOM was the asshole, and dad was the one we'd get away from mom with. Now it just seems like dad doesnt care about anything and mom is cool.

4 kids and dad still hasn't gotten it right. He's too old to try anymore. I think he just had so many kids because he likes them when they're little and don't argue. Maybe that's why he loves his grandson so much. Later on, my nephew will be glad he didn't have to live with my dad.

So yeah... Illinois, then Savannah, then Missouri. Then Teresa will SERIOUSLY take a break from traveling.
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