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cutie2187 (profile) wrote,
on 5-13-2004 at 5:34pm
Current mood: odd/nutty/crazy/weird
well....i havent written in this forever...i have two journals....but i got tired of the other one and i believe everyone forgot that i still write in i thouhgt ill write an entry and see what kinda of comments i get.....hehe oh really emotionally much crap is going family is slowly fallin dad is getting worse with his crap...i feel like crap because im lonely and i want someone to be there for me and stuff....and like i want to be in love and crap...but i feel dumb because im too young to worry about that i feel dumb in school....things are gettin hard....everything is a mess...i want to redo my if anyone will help me....i would be happy....hehe.....sorry for makin this short but i got to go do somethign with my later.....most liekly ill update.....bye
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