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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 5-13-2004 at 6:58pm
Current mood: energetic
Subject: Here's to the Seniors
-Here's to Pat, for his incredible obsession with his sweet camera.
-Here's to Dave, for all his excellent 'Trips'.
-Here's to Tom, for turning most of the hot underclassmen into sluts.
-ere's to Tom again, for having a small weiner.
-Here's to Scott, for his eternal wisdom, and for keeping his cool around Freye.
-Here's to Andre, for his daily pissiness in Yearbook.
-Here's to Dominic, for his Bob Marley obsession.
-Here's to Alan, for his random crazy bluegrass songs in the hallway.
-Here's to Troy, for finally leaving!!! (Good Riddance)
-Here's to Dane because I think he punched Jack Feldt.
-Here's to Alexa for always getting the leads.
-Here's to Kristie, for her random laughing for no reason in FST.
-Here's to Gabe, for just being Gabe.
-Here's to Schotts, for enduring the jokes. (Life w/ Bosco)
-Here's to Gary, for his incredible talents and great times in play.
-Here's to many senior girls, for providing something to look at when I was bored (The Stephanies, Sarah, Alyssa, Andrea, Christine, etc.)
-Here's to Katie Feldt, for being a mom to our otherwise totally unorganized band (especially percussion).

HERE'S TO KENESHA, for being Kenesha.
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