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jennabear (profile) wrote,
on 5-14-2004 at 9:46am
Music: Shine Down--.45
"And I'm swimming through the ashes of another life, there is no real reason to accept the way things have changed." much to tell

I'll sum it up, outline style, and then maybe at a later date follow up on it all.

I. Thought Chris was blowing me off
II. Customers were super bitchy
III. Everyone was late to their shifts, I had to stay til 6
IV. Chris doesn't want to go til 10:10 showing...after I'd gotten 4 hours of sleep and worked 8 hours
V. I get home at three for the second night in a row

I. Mother's day
II. They don't even mention how late I was... wow, my parents are lightening up
III. Had to work, studied for Astronomy exam the whole time cuz we were so dead
IV. Chris calls to tell me "how awesome the cake was"

I. Barely finish my Eng. Research paper in time
II. Astronomy exam kicks my ass


I. Maren's birthday
II. Accounting exam hurts me a little.
III. I visit Sarvis-he tells me I should visit "a lot". I stay for a good half hour, talking, it was great. We sorta make plans for Thursday and Friday

I. I finish GCC...I have a degree at 18!!!!!
II. Sarvis and I don't hang out..but we don't even have each other's numbers, so..duh..
III. Ash's mom gets a flat tire as we're on our way home from Albion
IV. Chris calls, 15 minutes after I give up on him and take him out of my phone book so I can't break down and call him
V. Ash's mom hauls ass and changes that flat tire...I'm so proud of her! None of us had ever even changed it...and a million guys drive by, do you THINK they stop to help?! NOOOOOO

Oh, and I can't talk. I had a sore throat Monday, and then a cough Tuesday, and my voice hasn't been normal, and I can't stand talking like this..and I think the medicine actually made it worse.
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