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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 5-14-2004 at 6:53pm
Current mood: stressed
Friday is here yay...I am waiting for Monica and Alexis to call me back cuze were suppose to be going to Desert Ridge in a few hours. I had a lot to say but I dunno what it was...heres a few really good songs, they kinda express how I am feeling so I guess thats good enough for now, thank you for the comment Steph, we need to hang out sometime soon..

The Fire Still Burns
by Cradle of Filth

You thought it was gone
But the fire goes on
And I thought you knew me
I told you before
'Til I settle the score
That I'll never run free
I have enough pain and anger in my brain
To last many lifetimes
Yet still it goes on, and the more that it shows
I won't have a peace of mind

The fire, the fire still burns

I have a dream
And as strange as it seems
There's no embers glowing
The fire's gone out and theres no need to shout
'Cause no anger's showing
But it's not true, nothing I ever do
Seems to ease my fury
Get out of my way
I'm the hangman today
And the judge and the jury

The fire, the fire still burns

Emotion No. 13
by Suicidal Tendencies

I wish so hard that I could be just like the you want me to
But it doesn't seem to work though I'm trying.
I try so hard to do what's right, to be so good, make you proud, but it never seems to satisfy you.
It's just the person that you want,'s not the person that
I am.
The conflict inside's horrifying.
I want so much for you to think of me as a person
...that deserves your respect & attention.
I wonder if I'll ever do the things you want...(the way you
When I don't even know what I want yet.
It's not that I'm rebelling against the person you are
It's just that I don't know who I am.
All I know is it hurts, oh how it hurts
Oh God, do you know how I'm hurting?
There's an emotion in me. There's an emotion in me
Emotion No. 13

Look into my eyes, you'll see I'm not lying.
Emotion No. 13 easy cryin'
Don't ask me how I know, but I'm dying

Emotion No. 13 blows my mind away
Emotion No. 13, it blows me away

Look into my eyes, you'll see I'm not...
Emotion No. 13, says I'm...
Don't ask me how I know, but I think I'm...
Don't ask me how I know, but I think I'm dying,...dying, dy-
ing, dying

All I know is it hurts, oh how it hurts
Oh God do you know how I'm hurting?
There's an emotion in me, there's an emotion in me
Emotion No. 13

Look into my eyes, you'll see I'm not lying
Emotion No. 13, feels like I'm dying

by Suicidal Tendencies

[Mike Muir/Mayorga]

So you're gonna be institutionalized
You'll come out brainwashed with bloodshot eyes
You won't have any say
They'll brainwash you until you see their way

They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect from the enemy myself

They give you a white shirt with long sleeves
Tied around your back, you're treated like thieves
Drug you up because they're lazy
It's too much work to help a crazy


They say they're gonna fix my brain
Alleviate my suffering and my pain
But by the time they fix my head
Mentally I'll be dead

Love Vs Loneliness
by Suicidal Tendencies

How can you love someone
If you think that you're no one
When you mistreat yourself,
and think it's all you deserve
Cause it's so hard to care
Is this or is it loneliness?

How can you demand respect - when you have no respect?
When you abuse your body, never mind your mind
And you're your own worst victim
There'll be no love just loneliness

Why do you force a smile - when you know all the while
That you're burning inside, but don't want no one to know
The hell that you're in
As love turns to loneliness

How can you sleep at night?
When you know it's not alright
When you wake up in the morning, nothin' has changed
If you do nothin' about it
Love becomes loneliness
Love vs loneliness, love vs loneliness

And when you're down and you think you need something
The temptations so hard to resist
But what you grab sure ain't what you needed
That's not love it's loneliness
And when you're lonely and think you need someone
The plot a painful twist
There ain't no one that can make you feel like someone
Only you can cure loneliness

How can you be confident when you're all wrong with it
When you know what you're doing and you're doing it wrong
It's no misunderstanding
This ain't love this is loneliness
How can you love someone - if you think that you're no one?

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