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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 5-14-2004 at 8:55pm
Current mood: somewhere between happy and terribly confused and
Music: Pat Benatar || Heartbreaker
Subject: You're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker. Dont you mess around with me
Woo yeah this week has been purty good, not the best but it was good. Today on the hand was another

So yeah school was, eh, boring. XD at 6th period we almost had a cat fight. Sal wasn't there today so Mr. Davis was our sub and he was outside talking to some teacher. Denise and Krysi and Melissa have something unknown against Joana. lmao on day Jo and i were talking and she said something about them being 'wanna-be surfers' XD the funny thing is, they so are. Haha so i guess Miguel was there too and he told Krysi and Krysi was like "If you have something to say fuckin' say it to my fuckin' face." haha then Jo goes "Okay" So yeah...the rest of it was Denise likes Daniel. haha i told him and he goes. "Oh my god, that horse?!" XD yes "that horse." So yea I was sitting over by Jo and Jimi and Kiri and Monique and they said something about Daniel and then Jimi, knowing Denise likes him, goes "Who does Daniel like now?" And i was being all loud and i said "Duh, Joana." lmao. Then Denise, under her breath goes "Yeah thats why hes not going out with her anymore." Stupid bitch, hes not going out with her because he respects his parents. Lmao and if it weren't for his parent he and Jo would still be together. XD He wouldn't want to go out with that fat bitch anyways. lmao we were making fun of her like loudly, but i doubt she knew we were talking about her. Okay, at banquet, she wore this ugly, tight white skirt with granny panties. XD you could see them and disgusting. So yeah, she was wearing that skirt today and we were making fun of her. haha. Im completely on Jo's side for this whole "ordeal." Oh haha and the only reason Melissa told Daniel that Krysi wanted her to come to her party was because Denise likes him. Duh, why else. He said he wasn't going. I dont know if im going either. The twins are going to be there and i could just see the drama now. Anyways...this wasn't the "whole 'nother story" part.

Armando told me to stay after school and play soccer so i was like okay and i stayed. Miquel O'Maly was there and Daniel, and Wade and Daniel's brother, Alex. So their ride came and they left. Now its just Armando and i and Miguel. Then like 10 minutes later miguel's mom came and then i was just mre and Armando. :D lol. So we shot and crossed and stuff and then we had this bet that whoever scored the most P.K.s got to give the loser sex hair. Long story short, i lost. So yeah my hair got sextified. Woo. Anyways, we shot around some more and then he sat down and goes its halftime. lol alright. so i sat down kinda next to him. Then he started throwing flowers and grass in my hair and i was throwing then back. And then he was trying to mess up my hair some more and so i messed up his. Then i rolled over so i was laying on the ground and he sorta leaned on top of me and held my hands above my head and messed my hair up with the other. So yeah...then we were like wrestling and throwing grass and floweres at eachother and then he pinned me down again and held my hands and just looked at me. Then i was like "What?" And then he leaned down and kissed me. Of course i kissed him back, im in love with the kid. What else was i supposed to do? so yeah then we stayed till 4:00 just talking......and kissing lol. The only thing bad is he still does have a girlfriend. God, i wonder how many girls he's cheated on. Seriously. This isn't fair to me. For him to get my hopes up like this and then hurt me again. It just isn't fair. I dont know what to do. I dont know if he likes me or what. Im so confused. He kissed Melissa just for the hell of it so he very well could have did the same to me. God, why am i the one always getting screwed over. Us kissing just felt, so right. I dont know how else to put it. It felt good. I've missed being close to him so much. It took me 45 minutes to walk home but i didn't even realize it took me that long because i was lost in my thoughts. The flipping sky could have fallen and i wouldn't have noticed. Damn, now i've got myself in tears again because im so confused. I dont know what to do. My heart is telling me to give him another chance to tel him everything you feel and ignore what everyone else thinks. But my head is telling me to not give in, because all im gonna end up with is a broken heart. Im tired of being stepped on, but ive been told to follow my heart. well, i guess im gonna go and see if he calls me. :shrugs: Goodbye

<\3 Amanda

I told Melissa what happened. I dont know if that was such a good idea, she going to tell Krysi and Denise the first chance she gets and then it'll be all over the place. Damnit.


lckyducky613 (9:03:53 PM): hey
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:03:58 PM): hola
lckyducky613 (9:04:03 PM): whats up?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:04:08 PM): nothing much u/
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:04:10 PM): u?
lckyducky613 (9:04:14 PM): nothin
lckyducky613 (9:04:19 PM): so did you win today?
lckyducky613 (9:04:20 PM): lol
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:04:23 PM): lol no...i lost
lckyducky613 (9:04:27 PM): aww
lckyducky613 (9:04:29 PM): what happened?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:04:45 PM): haha we took pks and he scored one more than me
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:04:48 PM): rawr
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:04:49 PM): lol
lckyducky613 (9:04:50 PM): haha
lckyducky613 (9:05:02 PM): so what did you lose? like what happened?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:05:11 PM): lol he gave me sex hair
lckyducky613 (9:05:16 PM): haha
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:05:30 PM): yea it sucked, it was all messed up
lckyducky613 (9:05:33 PM): how long did you guys stay after?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:05:44 PM): like until 4 i think
lckyducky613 (9:05:52 PM): oo wow!
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:06:04 PM): yup yup
lckyducky613 (9:06:14 PM): anything else happen?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:06:18 PM):
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:06:21 PM): lol
lckyducky613 (9:06:30 PM):
lckyducky613 (9:06:35 PM): what else happened?!?!?!
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:06:42 PM): lmao...he kissed me
lckyducky613 (9:06:52 PM): are you serious?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:06:56 PM): yes
lckyducky613 (9:07:01 PM): wow!
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:07:11 PM): yeah
lckyducky613 (9:07:23 PM): like a peck or tounge?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:07:33 PM): XD no comment
lckyducky613 (9:07:38 PM): tounge
lckyducky613 (9:08:31 PM): did he break up with his gf?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:08:52 PM): i dont think so
lckyducky613 (9:09:10 PM): what did you do when he kissed you?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:09:32 PM): he had me pinned down so i kissed him back loil
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:09:34 PM): lol*
lckyducky613 (9:09:40 PM): whoa! amanda
lckyducky613 (9:09:45 PM): how did he have you pinned down?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:11:23 PM): lol well we were like messing up eachothers hair and throwing flowers and grass and then iono lol
lckyducky613 (9:11:36 PM): oo
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:11:53 PM): dont tell anyone k?
lckyducky613 (9:12:02 PM): dang thats another gf he cheated on
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:12:07 PM): ..i know
lckyducky613 (9:12:20 PM): dang i would never get with him
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:13:06 PM): :shrugs: im probably just gonna end up getting hurt again
lckyducky613 (9:13:16 PM): are you gonna get back with him?
lckyducky613 (9:13:42 PM): or would you?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:13:45 PM): i dont know
lckyducky613 (9:14:26 PM): honestly i think thats a dumb move if you do....b/c he juss cheated on another one of his gf's
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:15:07 PM): yea
lckyducky613 (9:15:24 PM): did you invite him to our games this weekend?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:15:43 PM): he said he was gonna try to go
lckyducky613 (9:16:03 PM): oo
lckyducky613 (9:16:47 PM): did you talk to him today after you guys practiced?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:17:14 PM): no he said he was gonna call me
lckyducky613 (9:17:18 PM): oo
lckyducky613 (9:17:37 PM): do you talk to him alot on the phone?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:17:46 PM): like every night
lckyducky613 (9:17:52 PM): dang
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:17:59 PM): lol
lckyducky613 (9:18:00 PM): what do you 2 talk about?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:18:10 PM): iono
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:18:19 PM): nothing special
lckyducky613 (9:18:19 PM): does he like you?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:18:34 PM): :shrugs:
lckyducky613 (9:18:44 PM): you dont know?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:18:54 PM): no
lckyducky613 (9:19:00 PM): oo
lckyducky613 (9:19:04 PM): he is such a player
lckyducky613 (9:24:41 PM): anywho...
lckyducky613 (9:27:41 PM): are you there?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:27:50 PM): yepper
lckyducky613 (9:28:04 PM): what are you doing?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:28:20 PM): um nothin really
lckyducky613 (9:28:28 PM): oo
lckyducky613 (9:28:34 PM): your not talking very mucho
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:28:55 PM): i know...i dont have much to say
lckyducky613 (9:29:00 PM): why not?!
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:29:07 PM): iono
lckyducky613 (9:31:10 PM): oo akie dakie
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:31:21 PM): uh huh
lckyducky613 (9:31:33 PM): are you thinkin about mando?
BR0KEN STAR xo (9:31:44 PM): ...yea
lckyducky613 (9:31:50 PM): oo
lckyducky613 (9:32:08 PM): well i hope you make a good choice if he wants to get back with you
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