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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 5-15-2004 at 11:12am
Current mood: Tired
Music: The Bled-I Never Met Another Gemini
well i just got back from my "camping trip". it was alright..first i got back from school and i called up Glen to give us a ride..then me and jesse got our stuff and went to Glen's house. we loaded all the stuff and turns out Austen wasnt gonna go, which was mest up. then we took of and we stopped at KFC and i got some chicken and with the combo that we got you could get a half-a-gallon drink for 99 cents me and jesse got one of those with mountain dew...we were on our way and we were just lunchin' and listening to some tunes. then we got to the park where we go off-roading..according to the directions they gave us...we are supposed to go 5 miles down the road..we went 7...then we turned back...we went to the very beginning..and we read the sign and it said 10 they we are hauling ass back to the camp deal when we got to the camp sign..there were three ways..we chose the center one and drove 3 miles and it we went back and went to the left..and turns out that was it....but our half-a-gallon cups had a weird lid so we were off-roading and all the soda was spilling..when we got there it was all dark..then i ate chicken and set up camp..then we did this lil skit thing for this one church thing..then i made smores and it was good son. Then Rodolfo (this one 24 year old dude) busted out some boxing gloves and ppl started was crazy yo..i was bout to throw it down with Jesse but naw....then we just sat by the fire and mostly everybody went to sleep. Then Rodolfo took me and jesse and some other dudes to this lil place and he was telling us a scary story...but i KNEW they were going scare me...there were more than 5 ppl there but he was only making eye contact with me...and Edgar which was next to me was ya they ended up scaring me..then he told some more by the fire and we talked..and for some reason when he started telling stories all kinds of wind started to was freakin cold dude..i was freezing my ass off..but ne who..then we crashed out ..and bro rolfe was all pissed at us for now going to sleep (typical of him) then we crashed out and when we were walking to Joscardo's tent..we got lost and didnt know where it it was dark and windy..and we were like dammit.then we got there and jesse's stupid glow stick was bright so i had to hide it some where...then we were laughing at idiotic things..and Joscardo's dad wouldnt wake up...he was snorring the night away was great..then i woke up at 6...and jesse was playing guitar..we ate..and then put the tents down..and we took was alright...not the greatest..if there would've been some girls...maybe it would have been a lil' better..haha...not really cuz i wouldn't be able to get any of who im tired and i smell like a camp going to shower..
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