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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2004 at 4:22pm
Hmm yeah...yesterday we had two games. We played San Pedro the first game at 8:00 and lost 2-1. They scored in the last minute because our defense screwed up and wouldn't clear the ball out. :growl: I was pissed. lol then i went home and hung out with Lindsay and Jimi and we ate tacos from Jack in the Box and watched premier league soccer. Well, i watched it lol. Arsenal won the championship. They were undefeated. Holy man, my sexy man Ronaldo is on the team. :swoons: He's number 7 too. lol 7 is Armando's number in case ya didn't know. :D Arsenal is Armando's favorite team. lol its my second fav, Manchester United is my favorite. And, well, Real Madrid is my third favorite because Mr David Beckham plays for them. woo lol anyways...Then we went back to the feild like at 2:30 and we played. We tied 2-2 so wasn't that bad but it still wasn't winning.

My game ended at like 5:00 and i ran home and took a super fast shower and dryed my hair and did my makeup in lightning speed lol. Joana picked me up and i went to St. John Bosco to help her work this fiesta thing for her church. lol i was like "Heck yea, ill go...Bosco Boys lol." There wasn't any smexy guys there though. @.@ We got there at like 6 and stayed 'till 10. We just pretty much sat in this game room thing with playstation 2 and X-Box and a tv and stuff and took peoples tickets. I met Jo's friend Angel. He's pretty cool. He goes to Downey but is getting expelled and is being charged with assault and battery because he beat some guy up and hit him with his cast he had from another fight. XD. He was nice though. He was making fun of us because sometimes when jo and i are talking we'll just look at eachother and know what eachother is thinking. lol. He was like "I've never chilled with two girls at one time, this is weird." haha. XD. So yeah....then i went over to Jo's so she could show me her new house. It's really nice, they have a pool and everything. I love her room. So yeah then her mom took me home and i was talking to Omar and my dad told me to get off the phone and go to bed. So i told him i had to go. This was like almost 11:00. Then i was in the bathroom getting ready to braid my hair and Armando called. lol i was sitting in the bathroom on the floor talking to him so i wouldn't get in trouble. lmao i talked to him for 2 hours until 1:00 in the morning. I was in the bathroom for the whole time and my ass was asleep from sitting on the floor for so long. XD he was so funny...
Armando: So did you have fun friday?
Me: I sure did, did you?
Armando: Yep
Armando: Man, Friday was crazy
me: Crazy, but good.
Armando: Crazy, but good, and enjoyable.
Me: Yes it was
Armando: Hey you made me
Me: No, i didn't make you do anything
Armando: Yes you did
Me: Nah ahh
Armando: Yes huh
Armando: You tied my hands
Me: No, you're the one who had my hands
Armando: No way

lol. You should have seen the smile on my face. :D then i told him i was sad because he didn't go to my games and he said he was gonna try. I was like you better go tomorow or else im gonna be even more sad. He was like okay ill try. :( He never showed up. And i scored with my left foot too. >.< Dumbass, he made me sad. Im serious. we won 8-0. I told him we'd win but he still didn't come. :cries: lol just kidding. He has a game at 3:00 or else i'd call him and tell him to come to our next game. We play semifinals in a little bit. :growl: this was his last chance to see me play this season because al our other games are away. Oh well, i guess. Well i better go get something tp eat. buh bye

<\3 Amanda
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