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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2004 at 4:40pm
Current mood: confused
Music: "Sink to the Bottom" ~ FoW
Subject: Another Bizarre dream (this one school related, sort of)... In Technicolor!
Last night I had another bizarre dream... this one I remember less of then the last one I talked about a month or two ago, but here goes:

Well, basically there was this guy who reminded me of the fat guy from Office Space who was killing people at my school (as usual in my dreams, at least, some people are non-descript, as in I can't put names to them, but the fact remains they were my classmates) and was hiding them around school grounds, which was in a differerent place; this location reminded me of along the Hoositonic back in MA... It was on the edge of a steep embankment leading down to a gully with a small stream. So anyways, the first kid he killed he placed in the parking lot under a 40' by 40' square of the fake grass you see as doormats at old people's houses (The body didn't leave a lump though). But anyways, my sister and I just happened to notice this obvious sqare of plastic nobody else was seeing in a concrete lot, lifted it up, and found a body.

Then I woke up. SO I go back to sleep.

The police are there... They're looking over the crime scene, and though the 'me' walking around talking to them hasn't seen the murderer in his life, it's like he saw him kill them like I myself had (you know, like a movie, where you see the killer do it but then you watch the investigators try to figure it out for themselves... well the dream 'me' I was watching somehow saw the killing how the real 'me', the viewer, saw it. Way too wordy, eh?) Anyways, so I tell the cops this unnamed guy did it, but they said he wasn't a suspect because he had an alibi (as if they had checked already?!), which was he was at the comic book shop. Okay, so this dream is dramatic as I'm having it, but the 'me' in the dream bursts out laughing, because the murderer to him looks like the Comic Book Guy with glasses.

This is where it fragments into something unrelated:

So the story progresses, and I run back to this underground cave with Mark, who appears out of nowhere, and we access it by a manhole in the hallway of Reeths-Puffer HS. Mark, Dominique and I train other people in our class how to do something (The longer I am awake the less remember) and then all of a sudden some black half scorpion half batlike monsters crawl in the manhole. Almost cinematically my view of what was happening scrolled across Mark's, Domonique's, Gary's (?), then my face as we scream. Loudly. Then it cuts back to what have should have been these hybrid monsters, but its like a mob of parents, telling us to go vote at the Board Meeting.

Wha? Huh?

So back to the murder scene with the neon green astroturf/doormat material. I wander around to the back of the school, and I look down into the chasm, and there's the murderer/comic book guy planting azaleas in a REALLY DEEP (6 feet) hole. Then, as I'm frozen there, I watch him bust open one of those 20 lb bags of mulch with a knife, but inside it's another one of those nondescript kids from my class, bloody and decapitated. He plops it into the hole and starts acting like he's planting azaleas again. I run to get the cop, yelling something like this like on Scooby Doo (can't remember the exact words... again the longer and longer I'm awake...): "It was the _______ all along, right ______?!"... So the guys run down the hill while a jeep materializes out of thin air, does a rollover on the edge of the hill and proceeds to roll down the hill sideways after them. Then it disappears again, and the cops apprehend the guy. Then who shows up with a bouquet of flowers for Mark, (who didn't do anything with this murder investigation besides walk out of the woods and hand some handcuffs to the cops): my cousin Matt
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