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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2004 at 10:08pm
Current mood: drummin on the computer desk
Music: muse - time is running out
Subject: church bells
i heard the church bells ring
yonder over the hill to the south

the eerie clang of the rusting bells
travelled over the dreary dusty land

infiltrating through the open windows of your car as i stared bleakly out at the moon

the sudden noise broke through the silence
and went out through the other window

i just wanted to open the door and run away
for you werent speaking and it was killing me

my eyebrows furrowed and spelled disappointment
while my eyes went icy blue under the pale moonlight

i tried making conversation but much to my disappointment the only response was the wind and the echoes of the empty land

how long will we go like this?
before i start screaming from my heart

with a sudden halt, the silence hit the dashboard
as you briskly stopped infront of my house

slowly i got out and bent down to say goodbye through the window
halfway you sped off in to the distance

leaving me in a cloud of dust at my lonely front gate
listenin to the faint, far away church bells

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