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george (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2004 at 12:22am
Subject: Tony
As far as im concerned im gunna push your ass down the stars rachiel, he didnt do a damn thing to a matter of fact nobody in this family has been anything but nice to u and i tell u what, after what u said thats gunna change REALLL QUICK, i was ther at the time i saw the whole thing he didnt do shit to her, and i swear to god if anybody thinks otherwise they can talk to me because i know what happend, and mindy u can take your Tiny breasted little bitchy ass body and go to hell i dont recall him doing shit to u eather, just to let u all know im taking note all of u who talk shit about my brother or anybody in my faimly is Fucking dead to us as far as we go
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