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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2004 at 1:32pm
Current mood: happy
Music: justin singing "sesame street"...don't ask
Subject: damn those sesame street kids on pot :D
so yeah my day has been going pretty good today...i'm kinda worried bout spanish cuz i haven't finished my part of the project & we wanted to be done by wednesday or's due friday...*oi*...

joey & i are planning on getting dinner and renting a movie tonight since we've seen most everything out right now or we don't want to see some of that's coo...

a lot of ppl are worried bout my ex, but then again, he's my ex...i know i shouldn't really care, but i just don't want him to do something incredably stupid to himself or to anyone else...i'm sorry to say, but it's his fault he's kept a memory that he made fade away...

denisse is playing bullshit w/ some guys in class...& damn she looks so cute ;) ...not trying to hit on you...(it just happens naturally)...

well i'm kinda bored so i'm later...
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