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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2004 at 7:25pm
Current mood: Whatever...
Dude 8 more days until school is over, Score! Friday night me Lex and Momo went and saw Van Helsing, kick ass movie! I loved the lil baby vampires, and how they all exploded...I want one and I'll name it Ernie =D I wish the chick didn't die though, I wanted her and Helsing to fuck that would have been one kick ass sex scene! Things have been interesting lately...with people and stuff. I guess cheerleading try-outs were held and what not so the lil bimbos of the school were walking arund with their cheer shirts...jesus christ. I SHOULD BE A CHEERLEADER! HOW FUCKING HILLARIOUS WOULD THAT BE! Oh my...that would be so funny...just seing me up their with my black makeup and shit being a cheerleader it would be so funny. =) I had a lot to say but I forgot it all, goddamnit...I'll write later.
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