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nymphofdarkness777 (profile) wrote,
on 5-17-2004 at 10:34pm
Current mood: nauseated
Music: Tool~ Reflection
Subject: I have nothing you want

Heheh my dead man with his mouth zipped.
I'm not feeling well.. I feel like I'm going to black out, once again..I just hope I dont black out or throw up during school tomorrow. zzzzzzzZ.... wouldnt it be great if we could choose what our children would look like. If we could I would want my kid to have Purple eyes and green hair nooo blue hair... or maybe I want a guy like that, lol.

I haven't been feeling great since I got home, I am starting to feel like I shouldn't
care about anyone else but myself...
but I would be lying. Because I care too
much about other people. I hate seeing or
people who are down and/or crying, because
seeing people depressed makes me feel bad
because I probably had a good day.
well I'm going to stop I need I ponder on some things, psh.
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