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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2004 at 8:45am
Current mood: sleepy
well, we argued into the night and it spilled over to the next morning, and i have come to the conclusion that i am the mature adult between the two of us... it just seemed like he was pouting and acting like a little kid who didn't get his own way. well, we didn't REALLY solve the problem, but he said "as long as i am making enough money blah blah blah blah" sorry, the rest was kind of fuzzy, remember charlie browns teacher? yeah, well it kind of went into that... "whaaa wha wa whhhaaa."

well, i have comlpleted all five days of the training at applebees, and they like me because i am not an idiot, and i know what the hell i am doing. i work at leggios today and thursday and at applebees on wed, sat, and sun... i would have wanted to work on friday nite at applebees but when i requested it, she had already made up the schedule. (it is mikes bachelor party on friday night and i just want to keep busy so i don't think about it... but now, i am doing something with keri, and that is bad because now all she is going to do is worry about dan and that is what will make me think about what mike is doing... *sigh* i dunno... )

well, i have to get ready for work now. i am picking up my graduation cap and gown today from ecc before leggios seeing it is right on the way. and plus mike has given me things to do before i go to work... THAT is something that i hate, he feels that every free minute i have should be spent working at something in/ out/ around the house... like on wednesday, before i go into work at 430 for 6 hours, i have to mow the entire lawn because, " well the last TWO times i did it all by myself so you have to now for a change" blah blah blah, it is crap. it isn't like i am working 6-7 days a week or anything STANDING ON MY FEET NO LESS THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!! but.... *sigh* that is just the way it is, he tells me to do stuff, and i bitch about it.
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