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stefoffanie (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2004 at 3:17pm
Current mood: extastic
Music: chirping...lots of it
I got CHICKENS!!!!!!!!! ....i went over to rays house yesterday and he lives on a farm kinda and they got 26 new little baby chickens and they said i could take one home...and i named it bandit, and i think it thinks im it's mommy cause it follows me everywhere. :) its sooo cute though and then they were like well your gonna have to take another one so he dosen't die of i got another one..and i havent decided on a name yet im either gonna name it ducky or smokey cause its gray and black and white. and Bandit is yellow and white,but there both boys which mean's there COCkS heheh and all that good stuff but eventually im gonna bring them back to rays house cause they will be too big and they will be full grown roosters and my dad wont let me have them running around the house..there soo loud though..and they peck everything. i was laying on my bed with them and one of em pecked me in the eye :( ..heheh and right now i ahve them up on the computer desk and he started pecking at the screen where the mouse was moving around on the was very funny...yes well besides my new chickens :) i think im suposed to be going to some party in Briarcliff this weekend...hmm with a ashlie and ray and Christian and a bunch of people i don't know...but it costs 8 bucks to get in so i dunno...last weekend was fun we went on my boat and went tubing. ashlie and ray came and we all got very sun burnt...umm friday i spent the night at ashlies...Lots of fun things went on there all throught out the night ;)...yeah i m really tired though so im gonna try to sleep though i doubt ill be able to with all the chirping..what ebba..

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