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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2004 at 4:20pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: uhh...michelle branch i think
Subject: YAY!
whoo fricken hoo!!! so ok i know its a little weird but working where i do you tend to find yourself getting excited about little things. such as: getting someone set up, getting new paper, finding pretty markers to color with, AND finding out that we no longer are able to take reservations out of michigan (except to chicago and toledo) from thrusday until saturday...and that's until further notice!!! YAY!!!! so i get to tell people no! and its ok!!! yippy!!! tee hee ha ha!! two hours left...i was supposed to come in at 10am...but for some reason even though i knew it was 10am i still didn't realize that i had to be there at 10. so i definatly was getting ready to leave once i realized that it was that late when my ma called and asked where i was. damn. i just wasn't thinking. at all. weird...that's how my day started and that's how its been going!! right so i'm going to go and do some work. yup. bye friends! call me cus i'll be home home tonight and i might be bored!!
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