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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2004 at 5:51pm
Current mood: good
Music: RATM
Subject: "In the great words of Kappy Sood, It's Over!"
Indeed it is. My last day of high school was about a week ago, which consisted of doing nothing in 1st, 2nd, and 4th periods, skipping 6th and chilling with Hotchkiss, and was followed by band practice and the worthless chorus concert. My AP Art History exam was the following day. I took the Palm Tran to school, which involves 3 busses and $2. The third bus had some sort of computer problem, and forced us to wait for a mechanic, and eventually another bus. At this point I was thoroughly annoyed, and the bus driver claimed that she couldn't reach the pedals because of the seat, so we had to wait for another bus. By this time I had smoked more than half my pack of cigarettes and was ready to kill somebody. I got to school an hour late and was given shit by the ROTC douche bag guarding the entrance. I made it to the AP exam just on time, and bs'd my way through the multiple choice. I got my free response booklet, and handed it in about a minute after the section started. This invoked the classic like by the media center woman "you must know a lot about art." I turned in my book and was lucky enough to avoid Mrs Stecker and have to explain to her why I wasn't taking the exam. It was sad to realize as I left that that was the last time I'd do anything academic at ATL.

The final band concert was really sad. We sounded great, and I was really surprised at how good the concert band sounded. I can see that Lerner's worked hard. Banquet was definitely the highlight of my senior year. I tied Chris O'Brien for the most awards received. Bastard. We had a bet going. The speaches were really sad. I'm lucky I didn't have a bet with Lerman, because I started to tear up when the seniors were up there. My speach wasn't too bad. I got a nice aww from the whole room that made my night. It hurt to realize that I'd most likely never see any of those kids again. I mean, I'm going to come back and visit, but still...

Checkout was yesterday. Mrs. Fontaine told me that I have to go to Senior awards night. Thatís a very good sign. I seriously doubt that I'm up for an award, so the only thing I suppose I will get is the $500 band parent scholarship. That's great because I need money to pay for books and such. I'm only getting $3500 in financial aid, and I will have a $2600 loan. Paying for everything else next year is up to me. That money from the band parents will be well spent. (: Suki and I had a nice run in with a focus on the way to ATL. The guy's car was pretty much fucked, but her car is ok. She just bent the front driver's side wheel. Hopefully the axle isn't bent, because that would make her car fucked as well. She got a ticket, and I feel really bad. I told her to make the u-turn. Luckily the guy that hit us was sane, because I know that if I got into an accident that fucked my car, I'd come out screaming.

Speaking of my car.... I had that piece of shit '84 Monte Carlo waiting for me, but something miraculous happened. One of my dad's friends said he found a nice Pontiac Grand Prix for sale. The Grand Prix is the same car as the Monte Carlo, much as the Camaro is the same as the Firebird, and many other similar GM vehicles. My dad went to go look at it, and bought it on the spot. It's a 1987, with 30,000 miles. To put that in perspective, my dad's 2000 Tacoma has 65,000; meaning that this Grand Prix has been garaged and well kept. The guy that was selling it invested a lot of money into the car, at least 5 grand, and had it almost completely restored. It has the expensive two-tone metallic paint, and just a whole buncha other options that make it fucking unbelievably sweet. The guy is getting married and is desperate for cash, so he let it go for $2500. It's worth almost 7 grand. I wanna go give him a hug, and then kick him in the face for selling it. This car is in almost mint condition. I can see myself driving it for like the next 10 years. It can probably go for another 100,000 miles before it needs anything major. Sure beats the piece of shit Monte Carlo. We were ready to invest about $4000 into it to fix it up, but now we're just selling. Anyone know somebody who'd like to buy it? It's got 140,000 miles, and is mechanically sound, just needs some bodywork, paint, and seat covers.

And finally, being 18 fucking blows. They've got me working long shifts at work now. I had to close the other night, meaning we don't get out till 12:30. I have to open tomorrow, meaning I have to be in at 5:45. Major gayness. I also learned something from the experience: Mopping sucks.

Well that's it. I'm done. Post. Too. long.
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