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collageof-frozenfear (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2004 at 11:03pm
I was helping Diana and Grandma clean out their storage today and we ran across my Great Grandma's Jewerly box. I found two really old skeleton keys inside =)
Grandma said we were giving the jewelry box to Mom so I took one of the keys out and put it on my necklace.
I asked Grandma what it might be to and she said it might have been Grace's house key when she was little.

Yayness =)
'Tis mine FOREVER. ;D

I went to the dollar store today. hehe... I found a bag of Kiddi Pops that I didn't think I could live without. The lollipops looked gigantic but they're really only about the size of a Blow Pop. I don't understand why they have such gigantic wrappers but they're nifty lookin'. I sent one to Brandon =)

Why do they call blue suckers "Blue Raspberry"? Why don't they just call them BLUEBERRY?
That will forever remain a mystery to me.

Mom told me she called The Music Box to see if Marcus would do a tattoo for her. They said he left a few months ago =(
I had big plans for Marcus when I turned 18. He was doing ALL of my tattoos. He just didn't know it.
They told mom that it would probably cost around 300-500 dollars to do a tattoo that would cover all the scars on her arm.
Jeff said tattoos are "trashy" though so I'm sure there's gonna be a giant argument.

Tra la laaaaa... FUCK Jeff.
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