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jennabear (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2004 at 8:49am
Current mood: content
Music: Let's be Us Again-Lonestar
Subject: Here I stand, with everything to lose
So, another date with Chris tomorrow. I'm so excited that we're still in the dating stage where we actually DO stuff and not just sit around.
He wants to go to a movie, but I was talking to Maren about it (my Maren, cuz how cool is it that one of his good friends is named Maren too!) and she said "why don't you guys go to the drive-in?" and now I'm all excited, but I forgot to mention it to him. I sooooo wanna go to the drive-in! Such a good idea.

I don't know..I'm going to end up falling for him. Just the little things he does...he's always making me smile...aww..

Why does timing suck so much? And I desperately need to say "So what's going to happen when I leave?" But I can't because
A) I don't ask questions that I know the answers to
B) I don't want to scare him away by suggesting commitment

But, I think that this time around, he really likes me.
I mean, people don't just rearrange their work schedules for people they don't like!

I told my mom that "Chris Whiteside is in love with me." I think she got scared. She was like "why do you say that?" and it's only funny if you know my mom...
so that's it.

Oh, and my grades? I needed this semester to be awesome grades..definately my worst semester ever...I definately laid in the living room bawling my eyes out at one in the morning last night for a while...
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