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collageof-frozenfear (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2004 at 5:25pm
Bryan's trial was today ...

Me and Mom didn't know anything about it. Jeff has known for about two weeks.
My attourney had told Jeff that Me or Mom had needed to be there and he told her No and that we didn't need to go through that right now.
So he did it for us...
Earlier, Pam called (Attourney's Secretary) and she told Mom that we were lucky to have him and that we had no idea how much he loves us.
She said when Jeff got onto the stand, they argued a lot with him to see if he'd change his story.

He didn't.

Pam said eventually, he got really mad and told everybody that Bryan had torn his family apart.

Jeff and I don't have a good relationship and to know that he stayed there the whole time and went through all that so Mom and I wouldn't have to means more to me than anything probably ever has.
And for people to call and tell us how much Jeff loves us ...

Bryan got 30 years in prison. He can try for parole after 15 years.
They said Bryan's family was there and he cried a lot through it. The Psychiatrist found him Sane ...

Ya know ... he had a really bad life growing up. SOMEBODY should have helped him.
Why didn't anybody help him?

I really just wish that I could tell him I'm sorry ...
or fucking FIX it all.
And I can't.

In 30 years, he'll be 53.
His life is nothing.

I just ruined somebody's life ...

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