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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2004 at 6:46pm
Current mood: Blah
Music: Pig Charmer-Jerry Cantrell
Subject: fragments
New photo/art/writing page.

Here's the fast fiction I've been working hard at.. it's rough to me, I really need an opinion and/or editing.

Our screaming fight ended abruptly with a few of his icy, numbing words. I became aware of the blank expression on my face a few minutes later, but it seemed like I had been standing in our icy silence for hours. I could feel him peering through me, taking me apart.

I came over and examined his fascinating features, and wiped a few limp, black curls from his forehead. The rays of light covered his face in color, and his frozen ocean eyes pierced through me in such an unnatural way. I softly kissed his delicate lips one last time.

I picked up the head and smashed it into the stained glass window.
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