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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2004 at 10:42pm
Subject: Silly players seeking rewards from creators.
You tell Inky: The door should no longer lock now, thanks for pointing that out. :)
Inky tells you: Can I get my two nymph calls back as a reward? :)
You tell Inky: You got a generous thanks and a good mark in the book of Lost Legend Souls, that's reward enough. ;)

You know what'd be funny though? Actually making a book of Lost Legend Souls in the town hall for all the world to see. I'd laugh so hard. I'd laugh even harder if the players liked that. I mean, instead of material rewards for making the MUD a better place, why not something so cheap and effortless than a tome to record how each player has helped. And do a point system!! Ahahaha. Like Kindergarden style, red face, yellow face, green face, ohhhh yeaaaaa.
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