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-glassxroses- (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2004 at 11:45pm
'Why wouldnt you want to be with someone you love?' why would you? why would you want to go through all that? you will just change your mind eventually... or something horrendous will happen and your glass palace will come crashing down to dust. and youll move on. so why not skip the getting over it and just do every guy in sight? why not waste your time with emotions? you dont get hurt that way, neither do they, and if you never want to see them again, youll never have to. i dont cry anymore-- but i cried twice today. and cracking that pigs skull and gutting it gave me a sense of power. this was before my mother and i reminisced about the days of innocence... when all we had to worry about were the nazis and crang and darth vader and scorpions killing us in our sleep. i wish... i wish that 14 had never happened. i wish that i could be like a million other people.. like haley. because then maybe i wouldnt be the way i am, and made the mistakes i have. three times today now. i hate this... i hate me, i hate hormones, i hate boys, i hate girls, i hate people and emotions and chemical reactions in their brains. what happened?
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