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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2004 at 10:45am
Current mood: awake
Music: Avril Lavigne - Dont tell me
Subject: Camfire Mafia: Bec, Taylor, Luke, Me, Roberta...and anyone who has a putrid hatw for you know who!
dude, yesterday was madness. it was great. okay so i got online and Lukes profile said "Katie Harness is a liar" and i im'ed him and i was like "I LOVE YOUR PROFILE! AMEN AMEN!" and he sent to her cause i told him he could. and then all this crap happened with her and him. and she kept im'ing me asking me what she did to me. if she has to ask me what she did then obviously she isnt that smart. i guess she just doesnt know how much she put me through this year. but if she thinks im just going to tell her what all she did and let her apologize then she has another thing coming cause she needs to figure this one out on her own. then Becca called me and we talked for the longest time about stuff and shes so awesome! glad i found her! then katie called me and i hung up on her cause im not putting up with her deal. then me and Bec started the WAHK club also referred to as The Camfire Mafia. i cant tell what it is but if your interested ask either Bec, Myself, Taylor Craft, or Luke Russet. Im gonna get berta to join when i next talk to her and maybe Bec can get Caroline to join! it will be awesome! but yeah and my uncle and aunt came over yesterday and we had fun eating and chating. I cant wait till July me, my cousin, aunt, and uncle aregoing to Orlando for like 8 days and we're going to all these awesome theme parks! which means i have to lose weight and save money...ahh. i better get started! well im out...later on
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