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noahfects (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2004 at 1:24pm
wow, its been so long since iv writen in my journal. i tour my ligament in my leg...wooohu! i got accepted to john robert poweres, which is an agency who helps me find more agents and casting directors for acting, i haver the best agent, mimi! other then that, school is almost over..thank birthday went well. i got a shopping spree...wooohu! me and sarah are tight now..yaye.. same with eden...except..i started to think about micah again...i know i know its bad but i cant help it. he treats me so badly, but i still <3 him. in love with ricky ullma...teehee.. on june 8th it will be my last entry cause im starting from scratch, a new jouirnal for high school...get rid of all the old bad vibes of middle school..cant wait till my school trip.i go to disney for 3 days. and we have a party on thursday..well i g2g later

p.s we sold our house, were moving to an appartment oin the ocean..yaye..and my dad is moving to royal palm.

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