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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2004 at 12:42am
Current mood: Hungry
Music: Open Hand-Life As Is
so here i am at home typing up an essay for engligh (which is extra credit), because i want to boost up my grades so my momma can be "proud", and she will eventually buy me something. Well last night i went to see my buddy harminee's play which was "charlie and the chocolate factory" which was a lil ghetto and but it was still pretty koo. now i still owe harminee her 10 bucks for the tickets lol. jasiel and she were probably the tallest oompa-loompas and there lil group had a pink star on there right eye..and it looked pretty koo. i talked to harminee after the play and her friend jasiel was just there....i never really have talked to her at but sure you know..then sister rolfe ditched us and took off without us lol. She thought we went with Nicole but turns out we got left behind, then they eventually came back then i called up my dad from there..then my dad came but i was in the guest house so i didnt see, so he didnt see me so he took off home. Then my sister called me up and was all pissed so she had to go get me..but w/ was alright i i ditched church lol..y do you ask? i have no idea...i just did cuz my momma was tired my sis had homework and so did I lol...harminee is going to tell me something of some sort...but sure i need to finish my essay so im out..
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