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collageof-frozenfear (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2004 at 10:27pm
Got back from the flea market around 5 today and then went ahead and slept for 4 hours as soon as I got in my room.

I bought a necklace for Mom... The coin I wanted on there was way too expensive so I got her a different one. He gave me the leather thing for it for free because everybody at the flea market just loves me so much :)

I'm so tired... hopefully Brandon'll hurry up and call so I can go to bed. I don't expect ANDREW to be on until like, 2 so I'm gonna give up on that.

Oh yeah ... I made myself 3 bracelets. And then I went a bought 5 more from this lady. She had all this dinky stuff. hehe. I got 4 green, pink, and silver metallic bracelets with stars on them. And then I got a black beaded one.
Great stuff.

*Wishes Andrew here*
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