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justanotherface (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2004 at 11:52pm
Current mood: bored
Set The Mood
Inside or outside?:Either or
Where exactly?:On a counter or wall
Raunchy or romantic?:you have to have both
There's a song playing, what is it?:Music ruins shit
Candles, Lights on, Or off?:Off
Underwears or Commando?:...its sex would people be naked?
Quiet, or moaning like an insane whore?:not like an insane whore...but you have to show you like it
Whos your slut
fat,skinny, or in between?:in between
Punk, Prep, Skater, Emo, or other?:Little preppies are cute
Long or wide?:wide
Blonde, black, brown, Some unnatural color, or red hair?:brown
Tall or short?:as long as hes taller than me
Love them, or just want the sex?:both!
race of the slut?:...
Would You Ever..
do it in a pool?:yeah
elevator?:if nobody else was in it
public?:....not that far
In the butt?:...ouchies
With other people?:why not...its over rated though
Fuck a midget?:no
How about a 600 pound guy/girl?:no
And Finally..
Thrrough the whole thing..what are you screaming?:"mmm" "ahh" "oh god"

Your PERFECT Sex brought to you by BZOINK!
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