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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2004 at 9:22pm
Current mood: disappointed
thanks f0r n0thing.. not gonna go over what has happened in the past week like usual. no one cares. i sure as hell dont. doesnt even matter. ill just start with friday..when me markus kaela n nick went to amandas party. if you could even call it a party..more like hell..i feel really bad for draggin nick there.. i didnt even wanna go ..from the second we got there we all just stood there watching everyone cry and scream and run around from being so trashed. high drunk..everyone. havin to sit with one of my best friends as she throws up all over me and the floor as she was screamin at me but telling me she needs me at the same time.. be...markus's mom picked us up thank god..

saturday was the8th grade dance.. that was pretty good i guess.. danced with alotta ppl.. .. then the lim0 took is to mugz n jugz .. that sucked..sept 4 karoke.. rest of the night sat alone..nick got there round 11:3o after me beggin him.. ignored me for a while then hung out with me for about 6 seconds then we left..

sunday.. me n kaela went to sunsplash n met everybody there.. hung out with nick in the lazy river then left 4 a minute to go talk with kaela..then mark comes back and tells me nick doesnt wanna go out with me anymore so im jus like WHY and markus xplains its because i "cheated on him" with kevin at the dance and they all heard from brittney detrick who "saw the whole thing" who by the way wasnt even at the fuckin dance..s0o i wanted to go home right then because i couldnt stand seeing him all day but bailey n kayla boyd made me stay..had an awsome day with them.. we made a NERD HERD picked dildoz from the dildo tree and used up all our last freakin pennyz 2 get abuncha ice cream n a slurpee..go0d timez..they cheered me up s0o much and i l0ve them 4 it.. =D thankz tatter t0t n wh0pper !! MWA! .. nick kept trying to talk to me but i didnt wanna talk to him.. i guess he didnt want mark to break up with me he was jus mad .. i dont know if were broken up for good or not.. i hope not cuz i miSs him already..='[ ..
well im gonna go..
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