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sendmemoney (profile) wrote,
on 5-25-2004 at 12:11am
Current mood: eating
Music: ludacris - game got switched
asexualityrocks (11:50:12 AM): i love manny
asexualityrocks (11:50:16 AM): like all of my friends are in love with him asexualityrocks (11:50:17 AM): and i love it

susanis a winner (11:50:33 AM): haha we always have like the same conversation .

asexualityrocks (11:50:45 AM): i know!!!

susanis a winner (11:50:56 AM): it's like "Hey what's up ?" "rolling a blunt" "smoke it with me !" "come up here , you guys can stay in my room " "alright , we'll come up tomorrow"

asexualityrocks (11:51:02 AM): its like: susan: So manny pot pot pot ?? and manny: SUSAN! Pot pot pot pot !!
asexualityrocks (11:51:27 AM): susan: pot is so amazing!! manny: What are you saying? i'm too high to understand you
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