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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 5-25-2004 at 8:40pm
Current mood: amused and a little disappointed
Subject: Eilans there? Hell no!
I was suppose to go out tonight for Danielle's B-day party. Well, if it wasnt so goddamn far, I might have gone. But she wants to go all the way to fucking ft lauderdale to go to Boomers. Supposedly this Boomers it bigger and better than the one in Boca. But thats fucking far and gas is too damn expensive. The clincher is that Eilan and the rest of the spanish mafia is going to be there. I cannot, will not, be in the presence of Eilan again sober if I can help it. I need alcohol to deal with him. Its sad and pathetic, but I know it. At least I can admit that much to myself. Thats some progress. Seeing as how I would have to drive, drinking at all is out of the picture. *sigh* I really really need a few drinks. I hope we can really have another beach party. Hillary is kinda skeptical because she is scared that we will get caught and she doesnt want to drive drunk. Well if you start early, then by the time its time to go you are sobered up enough to drive yourself. I know, I speak from experience. Please let us have this party. I need some alcohol in me goddamn it! I think I an experiencing withdrawl, lol.

So sadly, I am sitting in my room for another night and not doing anything. I swear I even disappoint myself. I cant wait till college when I dont have to ask anyones permission to go out. I'll answer to myself, and possibly my roomates. I hope my roommates arent some stuck up party poopers. It would be bad if they told on me for coming home drunk. Lets hope I get some equally drunken roommates!!

Talk more later since it is inevitable that I will still be in this room...
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