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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2004 at 7:34am
Subject: Keeping comical logs are one of my best friends in MUD life.
You'd have to know who Airmid is (from New Moon) to appreciate this log the way I do. I found this after reminiscing and had to laugh. It's back from Lost Legends in 2002. Awesome.

(chat) Airmid: i really need someone from over there to get my liaison file for me..
(chat) Darkangel: not gonna happen
(chat) Nomad: Dont try to get me to get it airmid.
(chat) Airmid: i never said i was going to
(chat) Nomad: Well then who are you talking to? there is only three other people.
(chat) Darkangel was wondering too. Pretty obvious, huh?
(chat) Airmid: making comments to myself, apprently. don't get moody on me, i
didn't ask you to do squat
(chat) Nomad: You can type ":really needs someone from over there to get her liaison file"
(chat) Nomad: It works quite well for personal notes
(chat) Nomad: You can also set up in zmud a trigger that will capture that.
(chat) Nomad: I mean without chat infront of it
(chat) Airmid: oh oh oh! i know! i know!! i can type: go to hell, Nomad.
[Airmid left Lost Legends]
(chat) Nomad: Actually "go to hell, Nomad." will return "What?"
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