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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2004 at 8:42am
Current mood: ponderous.
Music: music - madonna
Subject: cheerio girl. haha.
i was thinking that this year went so fast, that i remembered how im never going to see 1/3 of you guys until eighth grade, and then you might be tall, or have a perm, or went from prep to gothic... or vice versa. i was thinking how so much can change in one week at school, and i cant even imagine how so much can change in 3 months WITHOUT school... then i remembered how much fun i had last summer....

we went school shopping in orlando, and stayed at the portofino bay hotel. it was such a nice hotel... for universal studios. we did all our school shopping at the malls up there... so incredibly beautiful. we decided to ride over to the hard rock hotel... because their pool had some reputation for underwater music, and great fun right? so aside from all the volleyball courts, and tiki bars, i strolled over to the water basketball area. i saw some cute kid and asked him if he wanted to play. he sure did. so me, him, and his cousins i forget all their names, oh and his name was doug. doug! and we were playing around, and then you know... the defense kind of changed to a more "nicer" defense wink wink and we just had so much fun. i met his uncle that day too... really cool guy who loved waterguns. my sister met her hot tub fling, and we just had so much fun that day. doug was 15...

it was so easy for me to find doug amist the crowd of 100s in that pool area...

yet i cant find a single doug in all of cape coral.

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