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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2004 at 12:45am
Current mood: tired, trying not to get too stressed out
Music: i still hear "going under" in my head since
Subject: so yeah
i'm in mac's class...once again, tell me what's new...

last night was the spring concert, the last one for us seniors...*oi*...& I PLAYED MY SOLO CORRECTLY!!!*yeeehaww* yeah that was coo...kinda bummed out now that it's gonna be over, but it as good while it lasted...every minute of it...

we (the band seniors) went to millies last night, so that was coo...i had fun...*sigh*...i thought to myself as we were eating last night how that would be one of the few last times we'd all get together like that...*oi*...

joey & i have been having a few fights a bit more than usual, & i accept the fact that most of it is my fault...i wanted to tell him today that i just feel useless & maybe if i'm not going so much along w/ him that maybe he doesn't need me anymore...but i decided how selfish that would sound...i've just been extremely frustrated & stressed...& it's hard for me to get over things & let them flow...*sigh*...i'm not sure how to usually handle that but i'm trying...& i hope joey knows that...i kinda got chewed out by him, which i was fine w/, i needed the lecture...but i just wanted to cry, yet i knew crying would not only not help the problem, but cause him to get frustrated w/ me even more...i just need this week to be over & i should be better, i'm hoping...

i can't help but worry the fact that i'm graduating & i've only got a couple weeks left...i'm getting scared & the closer we get to it, the more alone i feel...*sigh*... later...

oh...a cute thing joey did say to me last night when we were kinda arguing was "i guess i'm the screw that keeps you together..."...

& he is :)
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