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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 5-27-2004 at 1:49am
Music: living in your letters-dash
i'm pretty sure i experienced every emotion known to mankind tonight. it all happened ridiculously fast too. "relationship" drama is the absolute worst and it decided to hit me all at once, and from every angle today. i was minding my own business, and very happily watching the get up kids play an amazing set and boom. it happened. one of those damn text messages that i'm disgustingly addicted to pops up on my phone from joe saying "so i heard anthony cheated on his girlfriend." he was apparently talking to lizz and they decided that since anthony and i hang out so much we must be messing around as well. and of course joe had to mention something about how i'm the person everyone's with when they wanna cheat on their girlfriends, and i don't mind because i'm such a shallow person. yep, that's me...completely heartless and a huge slut, let me tell you. people just make me want to shoot things sometimes. i didn't reply back in the nicest of ways, so i think he's a little mad at me. but whatever, he's over there telling me how shallow i am and whatnot. he's a big boy, he can take a little girl's sharp tongue. all this is happening while thrice played, which was ok because i'm not a huge thrice fan, but the angry yelling in the background helped the angry mood i was in , let me tell you. until i sat in gum and got it all over my new jeans, then i just kinda wanted to cry. but all was well when dash took the stage. all will always be well when that man sings. good god, what a voice. i suppose it was an ok night. kind of angry, but really chilled out at the same time. don't ask how those are both possible at the same time, but they are. trust me.
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