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justanotherface (profile) wrote,
on 5-27-2004 at 10:00pm
I'm so bored...and really grumpy. I'm just like ick. I don't know I woke up at like 4:45 to let the cat out and I couldn't go back to sleep afterwards, so I stayed up untill like 9:30...Then I was so tired but couldn't sleep so I decided to take one of my sleeping pills, that about nocked my ass out...I haven't taken one of those since the hospital. So then I went to sleep...but everyone started calling and stopping by and Beka and Lonnie came home early and kept waking me up. And if anyone has been woken up on a sleeping pill they know that you aren't left with a pleasant feeling. So yeah whatever...

I'm going to Taylors tonight, yeah were just going to sit around drink and have some fun...I don't know if I'll get wasted or not...I mean that sounds nice...but I don't think I will. Naw I won't I'll just get a nice buzz nothing is wrong with that.

Yeah so Allen is mad at me...cuz I have been grumpy. He keeps asking me whats wrong and I'm just like nothing is wrong...I'm just grumpy. So now he thinks that theres something I don't wanna tell him. Ugh its so agravating. Yeah then he told me he was going to see Man on Fire with one of his friends and he always trashes...he trashes all the friends that he has. It just pisses me off cuz like he gets on my case because I will talk trash about some of my friends too. Then he'll go off and be all pissy saying shit like I don't get you,Its bullshit whatever, whatever. Then there he is with the person he talks the most shit about. But hey not my life right. Not to even mention that he can't do things like write a letter without asking some one else's opinion. I wish that he would do that. Ya know. For one you'll realize that you did it yourself and be proud of that. For two, if hes like that with a letter what else is he like that with. Yes a second opinion is good...but every time. Then when I won't give him one, he be like oh well I'll just call your grandma. I wish he would stop doing that to. He doesn't have to prove anything to her. As long as I'm happy shes happy. Besides she doesn't need to know whatever it is hes going to tell her. Its not like I go talking to his mom about everything. If I did she would tell me to stop my bitching. There for he can bitch to my grams all he wants and can say anything and she wont do anything about it. She'll not her head and say uh huh. ugh...

Oh well right what can I do.
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