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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 5-28-2004 at 5:02pm
Current mood: kill me
Music: Tobay Keith
Subject: put me out of my misery
Ahh another day another dollar I havent earned. Feels nice to be a total drain on society. Currently consuming the biggest pixie stick I have ever seen. Its very tasty and kinda giving me a sugar high. Mmmm artificially flavored candy crap.... So how is everyone out there? huhuh? *sigh* No one listens to me :(

Somebody call me and get me out of this house. I need a reason to go out. Hmm, maybe a movie, always love the movies. Todays friday isnt it? Damn we was suppose to have our beach party tonight. Guess thats not going to happen. Cracker Jacks! Slowy going insane. Yea school is officially out for summer and now my friends can come play with me!! That is if they still remember poor old me. Guess I'll see if I can rouse up someone to entertain me... not likely.
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