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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 5-28-2004 at 5:40pm
Current mood: scared
Subject: Holy Crap!!
Ok kiddies, gather round for a scary tale. Michelle was almost murdered today! Ok maybe not murdered, but something. Here is my tale...

I was in the bathtub today around 1pm. I had a favorite book in hand and was enjoying some peace and quiet when I heard this loud sound in the house. Ok, I am home alone, so naturally the sound scares the crap out of me. I sat there and listened for a little, but didnt hear anything else so I just brushed it off. Maybe my brother came home or something. Later on when I was in the living room I kept hearing this crackly sound and I just thought it was the blinds or something. But all day I felt uneasy, like someone was in the house or something.

Now my parents get home and call me outside. They asked me if I knew anything about this. One of our sliding glass doors is completely shattered. The glass didnt fall out but its all cracked and makes this crackly sound. It looks like a shattered car window. In the center there is a small piece of glass missing, a little hole. My dad bets that someone tired to break into our house! They obviously used a center punch, those things used to break glass. I dont know what stopped them, but I guess they left. I was soooo scared to hear this. I was naked in a bath tub when this occured. I could have been killed or raped or something. How fucking scary is that. My brother is so mad that he wasnt here. He said he would have beat the crap out of them. Yea right... He says they are going to come back. That scares me too. I dont want to be home alone for a long long time. Geez I want to go out and get out of here. This all just freaks me out.

That is my scary tale for today. See kids, it can happen to anyone, even you. Heres hopeing that they dont come back. I am scared shitless, guess I wont be sleeping again tonight...
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