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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2004 at 4:33am
Current mood: silly
Music: Somewhere that's green
Funny Thing of the Day

While watching LOTR Return of the King....

Daddy: (looks at Gandalf who is ridding a horse) Is that a magician?

Me: He's a wizzard...his name is Gandalf

Daddy: Why doesn't his horse fly? If he's a magician he should be able to make his horse fly!

Daddy: (while watching Gollum) What's that little fart saying?

Daddy: That's the bad guy!

Me: No it's not.

Daddy: That's got to be a bad guy....that ones wearing black.

Me: No...that's Arwen...she's not a bad guy.

*Orcs enter on screen*

Me: Now those are the bad guys.

Daddy: Hey! Look at them! Those are some good lookin' fellers!

My daddy is too funny....everyone should watch LOTR with him...he puts a new spin on things.

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