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hiphulagirl (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2004 at 8:20am
YAY! Last night I came home on the parkway and didn't get lost!!! I don't know why but there's been so many situations where I have to take the parkway downtown, and then it gets really dark and I don't know exactly how to get back on it. Now I do. So yay! Now I have to go back down to River street and do it all over again. I left at 11 last night and the party was still going on. It's day number 3 of said party. I danced a lot while selling soda yesterday. There were soooo many trashy girls out. Sure it's ninety something degrees out... I don't blame you girls for the lack of clothing... But you don't have to dance so low in your micro mini-skirt that all the little children get an up close and personal view of your genitals. Thank you.
Sometime during the day I get a 5 hour break and then I have to go show movies for some important government people. It's going to be a slow day people. You can reach me on my cell though.
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