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-glassxroses- (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2004 at 11:09pm
Music: RRRRRadiohead- Fake Plastic Trees. Tizzle.
Subject: Shiggidy Sha
tonight was good. i drove again!! haha i love my car more than any one being should ever love their car. Ryan is mad at me. except this time i actually didnt do anything. the objective bystanders agree! he has no right to get upset with me for making out with a guy. i can kiss whomever i want... and he cant have a say in it. and it wasnt like i was trying to piss him off by making out with colin!! he wont even SPEAK to me now. other than that it was a fun night at surf cafe. i cant hear anymore. justin spun mike lelle around in a circle and a table got knocked into me. i liked it a lot >.< yes. Josh bought me an apple and a bottle of water-- because apples arent usual items found at shows. haha... aaaaaaand i saw 13 going on 30 with killian today. it was cute. but REALLY freaky occurance of the day: there was a kid there who i SWEAR TO HAYZOOS was andrew joy. and then just other weird stuff like you know when you think someone is calling your name but you are just being a delusion fruit? yeah, that. i stickerized my bumper todaaaay. :)
AAAAAAH fuck. i have to take the SAT2 for Bio this weekend. i really dont want tooooo. and it turns out i can still wear my espadrilles next year... i will rock my blister shoes. :). bling bling. annnnnnd im out.


WOO WOO! (whistles...)
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