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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2004 at 10:28am
Current mood: upset
Music: ..n0ne..
Subject: . c0uLdD laSt niiTe be aNy w0rse?! .
0k s0 i t0ld my m0m that me nd eRin we're g0iin t0 niCk'z partyy wen we were relle g0iin t0 phiL'z. Well, phiL nd chAz were 0ut all niite nd dayy the niight bef0re s0o we let them sleep nd then we were guna c0me 0ver nd g0 t0 sum partyy. We hadD nuthiin t0 d0 f0r lyke an h0ur s0o decidedD t0 g0 t0 riA'z h0use .. it was all straight till we left.. My m0m calledD my sis nd the babyy pickedD upp the ph0ne nd said that eRin nd shaWna hadD juss benn 0ver there. Well, my m0m fuckiin went crazyy .. she calledD me nd was bytchiin me 0ut nd telliin me t0 c0me h0me. So0o we startedD 0n 0ur wayy h0me nd i n0ticedD that sum guyy was f0ll0wiin me. I g0t 0ff the highway, he g0t 0ff the highwayy..i turnedD, he turnedD. I calledD my m0m nd t0ld her wut was takiin s0o l0ng but she didn't believe me. So0o i hadda g0 h0me .. the car f0ll0wedD me right t0 my fr0nt d00r nd then juss left .. scariest thiing ever. I g0t h0me nd i g0t bytchedD 0ut badD nd n0w i'm gr0undedD f0rever nd my parentsz dun trust me at ALL. Lyfe suxx s0o badD. My parentsz w0nt even speak t0 me .. i hate beiin here .. i wana leave s0o0o badD. Newh0, yea .. that was my niite .. great. Saturdayy, me nd eRin saw a m0vie then went by the beach .. didn't get h0me till 1.3o am .. rentsz didn't care. g0tta g0 .. lyfe DEF suxx. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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