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RagDoll (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2003 at 5:54am
Current mood: lazy
Subject: What a disappointment

95 episodes. The singe longest series S and have ever collected. All we wanted was a conclusion that fulfills the themes and pain the series promised. What do we get? A final episode so cheap, that they use actual handcam footage of a cloudy night to fill time.

I hate to say it, but I'm talking about Ruronin Kenshin.

Kenshin is one of my favorite series. I liked the tale a lot. To summarize:

It's 1878 in Japan. ten years previously, the Shogunate was replaced by the Meiji emperor as the dominant political force. According to legend, a single killer destroyed 150 members of the Shogun's support in a single night. That man was Battousai...The manslayer.

Nowadays, there are no samurai. Kenjitsu dojos are empty. Kaouru Kamiya, daughter of a prominent kenjitsu instructor, takes charity from a local doctor. She bumps into Kenshin, a wanderer and a fool. He wears a sword, but as he explains to the authorities, the blade is reversed, so cutting techniques can do nothing. Karou takes him in, and discovers his secret.

Kenshin is the battousai of legend. On that fateful night, after realizing what he had done, he simply gave up killing. His blade is a symbol of his promise. This does not stop kenshin from kicking a lot of butt. THe series plays out like a western/samurai flick, with kenshin forced to confront the ghosts of his past, as well as his hidden nature.

I liked the series a lot. Not only did I like the internal conflict of Kenshin and his compatriots, but the series was a great commentary on what was lost and gained when the west invaded japan. The series doesn't provide hard and fast answers to the question either. You come to see that each person has their own ideals, and more important than anything else is to live up to them. Even if living up to your ideas puts you in conflict with the ideals of another.

THe series has a lot of high and low points. I was hoping, though, that in the end, there would be a story arc that allowed for a larger addressing of the issues. Instead, we were given a 'dragonball' style ki-energy story (The evil Feng Shui masters!), and then a trip to the beach. That's it.

*sigh* Time for Angelic Layer and Chobits. At least with those two I know I'll have my closure.
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