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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2004 at 10:41pm
Current mood: happy
Music: red hot chili peppers - under the bridge
this summer has been fun so far. gives me hope for the days to come which is always good.

saturday - cleaned out the barney car, made it all spiffy, cut the grass, and the rest of the night i sat being bored out of my mind.

sunday - spent the day at my grandma's in melbourne. drove up watching peter pan, came back watching brother bear. oh how i love sitting in the back of mini vans watching disney movies, it just makes you feel like a kid. we found out my not so little boy cousins are kissing girls. everyone is growing up. so cute. came home and called briana over to spend the night. had fun.

today - woke up and met ryan at the pool. spent a little time there and then left and went to aunt and uncle's house to celebrate memorial day. went swimming, ate, got tan, drank pina coladas... started the summer off right with the family. came home and went back out to briana's. her and ryan and her pink room. woah. too bright. hung out, watched music videos... dip it low, met up with JB and decided to go swimming after about an hour of deciding what to do. had fun playing categories and marco polo in the pool... "fish out of water!". lol. and now i'm sitting here, the only child now, feeling bad for forgetting to call zach and ashley today. i hope they got to tallahassee safely.

this summer isn't looking that lonely after all. i found a boy, friends to have fun with, and no brother, what else could be better?

where is tina? i miss her. she's supposed to be home by now i thought.

<3 love.

enjoy summer.
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