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underhanson (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2004 at 7:07am
Current mood: calm
Subject: long time
wow. its been awhile since i updated this. i nearly forgot about it too!

i'm all married and stuff. its been 2 weeks now and married life is...okay. it doesn't feel like anything's changed other than my name. we do and say the same things like before. and its not like i don't know his habits cuz we lived together for 3 years now ::shrugs:: oh well.

so anyways...anymore hanson fans? get in touch with me! comment me. do something so i know you're out there!

things to do this summer
- adam and danielle's wedding reception [june 26th]
- hanson [july 19 @ the melody tent]
- jimmy's 26th birthday [july 20th]
- picanzo 50th anniversary party [august]
- lisa and joe's 29 and 28th bdays [august 17 and 20th]

the more summer comes along, the more booked i get. oh, i did really good in school this semester. my GPA was a 2.6 (which is usually a 1.9) and my grades were a C+ in bus. comm. and an A- in Inter. Excel. sweet yeah?

x Kerrie
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