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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2004 at 9:40am
Current mood: busy
havin the time of my life, but i wish it was with y0u
w0w.. al0t has happened in the past c0uple dayyz ..

lazt day 0f miDdle sch0ol =[ .. it was really sad.. everyone was crying.. we had the last like 15 minutes 2 walk ar0und n say byye 2 everyb0dy .. im g0nna miSs that sch0ol.. even th0ugh i hated every day that i spent there.. im g0nna miSs markus n mRs hampt0n fighting.. im g0nna MiSs me n kaela going to sch0ol 2gether every single day n c0min h0me every single nite =].. im g0nna MiSs stealin jayz every1z f0od huggin kayla every dayy @ the buS ramp .. me n dani c0untin the dayyz .. Jenna me n Ash playin with clay .. me n cassandra sayin WEASEL UP ASS lol.. whore game ... .. me n sarah g0in t0 the office every single dayy .. fakin sick ..Jeremy the chinese cricket, Frisc0 the white boii , n Lindsey the stupid pueartarican .. and every1 else..i l0ve y0u guyz im g0nna miSs y0u s0o much =[

ANYWAY.. after sch0ol markus,sarah,,n daniel, came h0me 0n the buS with me n kaela n came 2 my h0use.. then nick came n we all went t0 sunsplash.. which was fun 4 lyk 15 minutes.. n then it g0t kinda b0rin n we were stuck there till 9.. al0t funny things happened th0ugh markus swallowed a fly ! l0l.. n then kaela n nick came back to my h0use n we made pina c0ladaz n then nick went h0me n me n kaela watched a m0vie n she went h0me r0und 3 am.. l0l =]

dr0ve 2 atlanta
dr0ve 2 michigan.. g0t there r0und 1o .. miSsy n amber came n picked me up went to there h0use n watched m0vies n ATE n fell asleep

walked 2 CVS 2 get hair die 4 Amber met j0sh n sully .. there s0o funny n aws0me =].. went 2 a garage sale .. b0ught bellz n b0otz..lma0.. came back h0me n drew all 0ver j0shz face .. i have never laughed s0 hard that kiDd is hillari0uz .. then an0ther j0sh came 0ver .. n then we died ambers hair .. this redish purpleish burgendyish c0l0r.. n then we watched face 0ff .. then watched PARENTS of the caribean .. MICHIGAN imp0Ssible n listened 2 sum LINKIN LAW .. l0l ..

w0ke up early went t0 a parade started -p0uring* .. chelsie came 0ver.. went t0 CVS 'gain t0 get men miSsy hair die .. g0t ice cream .. went t0 the Park came h0me died my hair =] n miSsys but she put wayy 2 much in and its BRIGHT ORANGE..lma0 .. then me missy amber chelsie n craig n his gurlfriend all cramed into his lil 2 seater convertablen went t0 A&W -- started p0urin again .. came h0me fell asleep 4 lyk 4 h0urz l0l.. w0ke up ate.. then went bak 2 sleep .. l0l...

t0day im all al0ne at miSsy n ambers h0use cuz there at school <--hahahahah .. s0o any0ne call my cell if y0ur b0red cuz i will be .. mwaaazzzz

I LOVE KAELA N NICK <-- i miss u 2 !!

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