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angry_mob (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2003 at 10:43am
Current mood: smelly
Music: breakfast at tiffanys
sugarmouse0587: i love camp so much...forgive me if this gets corny.....but the memories are what really make it special
danibean05: you're right
danibean05: i remember this one time at band camp... i met a great guy, and he liked me too and i did silly dances and laughed myself silly and cried myself to sleep
sugarmouse0587: i remember bumping into that girl and that guy at a dance
sugarmouse0587: and they got mad
danibean05: hahahaha
sugarmouse0587: and having too many inside jokes
danibean05: and i remember feeling so relieved when i told him the truth
danibean05: and feeling so happy when he felt the same way
danibean05: and spelling stupid crap on the scrabble
sugarmouse0587: and being mad at you when you were bugging me about tony
danibean05: and not playing any games right
sugarmouse0587: we played sorry right
danibean05: i know
sugarmouse0587: it was boring
danibean05: haha
danibean05: i bet
danibean05: and digging deep just to get a yellow tray
sugarmouse0587: i remember losing my dignity
danibean05: and yelling at people so early in the morning for cutting when we got there damn early
sugarmouse0587: and yelling at bur-head
danibean05: hehheehehe
danibean05: and walking to every full band with ryan
sugarmouse0587: and sitting at a table with cal with our legs touching! ha ha haha
danibean05: ahhhh
danibean05: and doing anything but straddling the log
sugarmouse0587: and WHAT ARE YOU DOing?
danibean05: and sitting across from ryan so i could stare into his georgeous eyes
sugarmouse0587: and talking about giant bugs
danibean05: ooooOOOoooooo
danibean05: :-):-)
sugarmouse0587: and talking about serious things like dumping your boyfriend
danibean05: and trying to get ryan to not eat your ice cream
sugarmouse0587: and consuming your goolosh before it consumes you because no one else will consume it
danibean05: and cring on the floor because you don't know what to do
sugarmouse0587: and shae laying on you even though she doesn't know who you are
danibean05: and shaye telling you how cute you are
sugarmouse0587: and getting in trouble in music appreciation for drawing pictures of cal telling you his name is tim
danibean05: and leaving for music appreciation early just to see ryan for 20 extra minutes of my day
sugarmouse0587: finally giving in and getting a backrub in the lodge
danibean05: :-)
danibean05: pretending to be sleeping on the chair with the best friend you'll ever have
sugarmouse0587: and not knowing when evening rehersal because dinner is so long
sugarmouse0587: and lvoeing that person and dancing with them like nobody's watching
danibean05: and knowing you'll never have a friend better than the one who lvoes you that much
sugarmouse0587: aww
danibean05: :-D:-D:-D
sugarmouse0587: and watching everyone leave and drive away and then a boy comes up and tells you not to cry
sugarmouse0587: and then gives you two big hugs
danibean05: and saying you have no tears left but after leaving the boy you cry more than ever
sugarmouse0587: and dancing with miss taylor
danibean05: and teaching ryan how to swing dance and realizing he has two left feet
sugarmouse0587: and cal trying to dance like normal all smooth-like
sugarmouse0587: and doing the cha-cha slide
danibean05: and learning so many line dances you didn't know existed with ryan
sugarmouse0587: and eating gross BC pizza
danibean05: hehehe
sugarmouse0587: and having a growl fight with chelse
sugarmouse0587: and elizabeth's turtle face
danibean05: and getting yelled at by miss torre for saying "it burns" during her torre stories
sugarmouse0587: and the fire alarm
sugarmouse0587: and the fraud
danibean05: here
danibean05: and getting yelled at by miss torre for saying "it burns" during her torre stories
sugarmouse0587: cal getting in trouble for trying to hold a door shut when someone was coming in
danibean05: ryan getting in trouble for loving me up
sugarmouse0587: bryan getting in trouble with dove, charbs and rowland
danibean05: that last one wasn't true
sugarmouse0587: getting yelled at
sugarmouse0587: ok
sugarmouse0587: ha
danibean05: i didn'tknow if you caught it or not
sugarmouse0587: i wasn't sure
danibean05: :-)
danibean05: i wish
sugarmouse0587: keep going
danibean05: hmm..lets see...having our skit be the best one of the year
sugarmouse0587: people thinking you were going to kill me with your bumpign
danibean05: hehe
danibean05: shaye telling me we were the funniest kids ever
sugarmouse0587: the mythelsporks
danibean05: no
danibean05: anything but them
danibean05: sitting on your bed wispering how gay they were
sugarmouse0587: giving them death stares
sugarmouse0587: hearing blue bottle
sugarmouse0587: yelling
danibean05: telling beckey ryan and i set her up
sugarmouse0587: cleanign the bathroom
danibean05: making an evil plan to set beckey and ryan up
danibean05: sweeping the porch stairs while humming just a closer walk
sugarmouse0587: helping kathy write her fantasy novel
sugarmouse0587: with cal
danibean05: teaching ryan my way to play 2 handed eucher
sugarmouse0587: being asked if i want a piggy back ride
sugarmouse0587: getting third chair and being able to see cal from it
danibean05: making funny faces at ryan when charbs wasn't looking
sugarmouse0587: talking to mrs.mcguier
danibean05: french braiding mrs.mcguiers hair
sugarmouse0587: having our inside jokes form 2000 that nobody understands
danibean05: trying to get james reda to remember them
sugarmouse0587: failing
sugarmouse0587: being told you just gave a wussy hug
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