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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2004 at 5:53pm
Music: Christina Aguilera *gasp*
Hello everyone I haven;t updated in awhile I dont really know where to start so I'll just start...I hate my parents sometimes (especially my dad)...If I'm a failure they're a failure...heaven forbid I mess up cuze it might make THEM look bad, forget about me its all about them. I could care less what people think anymore of me, they don't know me, and even if I did try to impress them like I use to do they will always find SOMETHING to criticize me about and talk shit about me for, so I decided I will be my own person...unfortunately my parents dont fuckin get that. In their eyes, I'm never good enough my grades aren't high enough I'm not pretty enough I don't act right I'm just a FUCKING FAILURE....sorry needed to vent...anyways...ya Summer is doing lovely, I went to Bekah's yesterday and her mom took us to go see "Raising Helen" which is a really cute chick flick....I wanna go see Shrek lol, it seems to me that everyone else has seen it except me I heard its really funny. I went to work for my grandma and grandpa at their place this morning, i dusted and cleaned their blinds for a few hours and got $25, woot! Me and my grandma were talking a lil bit...shes such a Scarlet O' Hara Southern bitch its funny lol, we were talking about how fucked the world is and how men just wanna get you in bed, it was hillarious, I wasn't talking I was just listening to her ramble. She a genius and a moron at the same time (if that makes sense?) I dunno sometimes shes really smart and makes really good points but sometimes you can tell she has no idea what shes talking about, she'll just sit their smoking and cussing and talking...good times. Tomorrow I am gonna stay in the pool and then Thursday I get to go see some of my doctors...and then Friday I am going to Mandy's place for the weekend =D Some of my friends have been upsetting me...I wont name any but theirs a few...I feel like I'm beinging ignored somewhat...and its pissing me off...Leave a comment if you would like

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