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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2004 at 4:48pm
Current mood: flirty
Sleepin all day stayin up all night <3*
`* Heyy guyz .. s0 far summer `o4 haz been pretty dam g0od .. but i miSs fl0rida ='[
amber has guitar leSsonz & me & miSsay went 2 a lil c0ffe sh0p & g0t sm0othiez n Italin s0da .. =].. yum in m0re than 1 wayy .. lma0 .. walked bak - p0urin rain piked up amber went 2 starbux cuz i was hungry .. as always .. lol .. g0t br0wniez n frapz =].. then we went to the m0viez till b0ut 1 in tha m0rnin .. were lyk the onlie ppl in there =] hehehe saw raisin helen <--- cutest m0vie ever !

g0t up real late - me MiSs n amber jus sat r0und all day n watched m0viez.. n then theyy went 2 an art sh0w..n i came h0m n talked 2 nick m0st the night .. watched part of thiz m0vie b0ut thiz reallie cute lil gurl who g0t aten by her t.v... lol...poltregizt or somthing?? .. it was sad ! s0o i turned it 0ff n watched a diff m0vie - then g0t 0ff the f0ne r0und 3am n went t0 sleep

t0night d0nt kn0w what im d0in .. pr0bly hangin 0ut with mas0n n karly.. 0r g0 t0 miSsyz 4 dinner idk.. t0marr0w iz the m0viez with Brett n Trev0r n s0me ppl =]

Kaela-- i miSs y0u s0o much kidd ! y0u g0t me pullin 0ut my split endz n0w- l0l -- l0ve y0u babii !! *

Danielle -- i miSs y0u 2 Huni babii .. SAturday = 2 m0nthz =]

Nick -- i miSs y0u the m0stest i l0ve y0u =] <3*

<33 Brittany
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